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Fields of Fynbos Reed Diffuser 6.76 FL. oz.

Fields of Fynbos Reed Diffuser 6.76 FL. oz.

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On a hot summer's day, when you're driving somewhere around the Cape Peninsula with the windows of your car wide open, you may get a whiff of a pungent, peppery smell that is synonymous with summer. It's the smell of fynbos, the flora that is endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa. Fragrances vary widely too. Cape chamomile & Buchu with their rich aroma smells combine with floral notes and an earthy, herbaceous undertone.

A fresh and Unique Luxury African Fragrance 6.76 Fl. oz Reed Diffuser.

  • Artwork inspired by unique African Artwork: Serengeti Home Fragrances strives to bring the diverse natural beauty of Africa to every home. All our artwork is inspired by the different unique artwork found across the African continent. Providing you with a true African experience.
  • Perfect for a gift: Serengeti Home Fragrances' beautiful artwork makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. Serengeti Home Fragrances brings some of the most unique fragrances to any room in a home.
  • Home decoration: Serengeti Home Fragrances has an inspired African design on every bottle to ensure we help you decorate your home while experiencing the unique fragrances of Arica.
  • A Long-Lasting experience: Serengeti Home Fragrances' alcohol-free fragrance oils release scent for approximately 90 days. Serengeti Home Fragrances has high-quality reeds sticks that should be flipped once a week to ensure the best performance.

What's in the box
Luxury Reed Stick x 5
Serengeti Home Fragrance 6.76 Fl. oz Diffuser bottle with fragrance x 1

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