About us

About Us

Welcome to Serengeti Home Fragrances, where we invite you to embark on an enchanting adventure through the heart of Africa’s diversity and natural beauty. Our mission is to infuse your living spaces with the captivating essence of this remarkable continent, taking you on a journey that celebrates it’s cultural richness and unparalleled allure.

Taking You on an Adventure Through Diversity

The diversity of the African continent stands as one of its most exquisite treasures. At Serengeti Home Fragrances, we’re dedicated to sharing this diversity with you, offering an experience that traverses the vast landscapes, cultures, and stories that make Africa truly extraordinary. Through our fragrances, we ensure that you don’t just witness diversity—you live it.

Unique Fragrances Inspired by Africa's Flora and Fauna

Africa’s flora and fauna are like no other, and we’ve harnessed their uniqueness to create fragrances that transport you to its untouched corners. Each Serengeti Fragrance variant is carefully crafted to capture the essence of indigenous plants and flowers found exclusively on the African continent. With every inhale, you’re immersing yourself in the beauty that defines Africa.


Traditional Inspired Artwork: A Cultural Connection

Our commitment to authenticity extends beyond scent. Once you’ve chosen your fragrance, the journey continues with our carefully curated packaging. The artwork on each box is an homage to the unique African designs found in the regions that inspire our fragrances. This connection to tradition allows you to experience the myriad cultures that have shaped Africa’s vibrant tapestry.

Elevate Your Home with Decorative Elegance

Your home is your sanctuary, and Serengeti Home Fragrances offers you the chance to infuse it with the spirit of Africa. Our reed diffusers don’t just fill the air with captivating aromas; they’re also a work of art. Every bottle is etched with a mesmerizing 360-degree African design, making each diffuser a stunning addition to your home decor. And the best part? Our glass bottles are reusable, ensuring sustainability meets sophistication.

Manufactured in South Africa: Empowering the Future
Our commitment to authenticity extends beyond fragrance and art. Every Serengeti Home Fragrance product is proudly manufactured in the picturesque landscapes of South Africa. This commitment is more than just a choice; it’s an investment in the future. By producing in South Africa, we contribute to addressing the country’s high youth unemployment rate. We’re creating opportunities for young people, investing in their potential, and building a brighter tomorrow.
Connect With Us

Serengeti Home Fragrances isn’t just a collection of scents—it’s an invitation to explore, to connect with Africa’s essence, and to elevate your home with the beauty of a continent. Join us in celebrating the diversity, the uniqueness, and the culture that inspire us every day. Follow us on social media to become a part of our community of like-minded souls who cherish the art of fragrance and the stories it tells.

Thank you for choosing Serengeti Home Fragrances. Let’s journey together through the splendor of Africa.